the coolest swing band for your wedding party or dance in Edinburgh Scotland
SWINGSUPREME, three Scotsmen and a Londoner, are driving in an old Dodge convertible along Route 66, touring the boondocks of American popular music from Caledonia to Kansas City by way of Georgia. (Plus a kinky diversion to an old English song just to complicate their lives). They were on the right of the photo having a comfort break, but they’ve been cropped out. Careless! These guys sat right down and recorded 15 live tracks in a four-hour recording session. They didn’t mess around, they just played this or that song, like they do on their gigs. ‘Swonderful!

Big value: 15 great tracks


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TAKE four musicians at the top of their game, a gravel-voiced singer, a bunch of tunes everyone knows and you have the eponymous CD, 'Swing Supreme, Route 66'.
A mixture of swing, smooth jazz and a hint of rock ‘n’ roll, their album is a joy to the ear.
Basically, it is a road trip through the best of the American Songbook, with classics such as Route 66, Kansas City and Georgia On My Mind.
My own personal favourite is a rendition of Fly Me To The Moon, which begins so quietly you think the stereo has given up the ghost, then it bursts into life, all drum brushes and haunting sax.
Peter Fenton’s vocals have a captivating charm that drags the listener along on the band’s voyage around Americana.
His partners in crime, Ian Boyter, Graham Scott and George Howden – use their years of experience to show just what a talented bunch they are.
This album deserves serious recognition and is living proof that good songs never die.